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At low cost, you can solve the problems of water supply for:

Waterwheel Pumps

Rural residences

Rural residences

Waterwheel Pumps

Cattle watering

Cattle watering

Waterwheel Pumps



Waterwheel Pumps

Poultry farms and other kind of farms

Poultry farms and other kind of farms

Bombas de Roda D´Água

Irrigation of small extensions

Irrigation of small extensions
Simple and Easy
Just look how easy is to have a water pump in your property:

  • 1. Step - Having a water source

    You need to have a water source in your land. Just like:

    • • An artesian well
    • • A fountainhead
    • • A stream
    • • A creek
    • • A river
  • 2. Step - Having enough water volume

    You need a minimal water outflow of:
    1 liter/second

    This is the equivalent to
    a 1 inch full bucket being
    poured out on the waterwheel.

  • 3. Step - Your water needs

    What is your daily water
    need (in liters)?

    This is a very useful information and
    will depend on the use
    you will make, for example:

    • • Pumping for watering your animals
    • • Pumping to irrigate your garden
    • • Pumping to supply water for your house, etc.
  • 4. Step - Choose the adequate water pump

    Ready! Now you just need to choose
    the water pump that fits the best
    to your needs. It is simple and easy!

    Our technical team can do that for you and for free!
    Clique Aqui
    and fill in the form!

Institutional Video
See the video below on the ZM Waterwheel Pump

Installation Pictures
ZM waterwheel pumps are everywhere around the world. Click on the flags below and watch the album by country.
Fotos de Instalação
There are more than 40 installation videos for you. Click and watch!
More on the Pump

Mechanical system of long durability and low maintenance demands.
Look at some unique advantages that ZM pumps offer:
• Oil lubrication for the whole system, even for both crankshaft bearings;
• Pistons with leather gasket, specifically designed for ZM pumps,
instead of conventional gaskets;
• Substitution of the leather gaskets is easy and does not require regulation;
• Practical maintenance;
• Waterwheel with special spokes that give extra strength and avoid oscillation;
• Our pumps allow motorization to a maximum speed of 60 RPM.

In the Media
Confirm below some videos and additional material about the ZM waterwheel pumps.
Production Table
Select below the model and its respective production table will appear at the side.
Online Calculation
Click here and send us some data.
We will make the calculations and will send to your email what is the ideal pump for your property.
What makes ZM Pumps different?

1 - ZM is the LARGEST waterwheel manufacturer in the WORLD;

2 - ZM is the only manufacturer that produces a model capable of pumping water with a capacity of 300 meters of water column;
3 - ZM is the only manufacturer that attends every kind of possible installation
in waterwheel systems;
4 - Mechanical system lubricated by an oil bath;
5 - Piston gaskets made of leather and dismissing additional regulation;
6 - Simplicity in servicing, it is not necessary to dismantle the pump
in order to make the normal preventive verifications;
7 - Special spokes in the waterwheel that avoid oscillation;
8 - NOur products are nature friendly;
9 - This is a product 100% Brazilian;
10 - Warranty for two years.
Warranty for two years.
Financiamento via BNDES
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